Shiftcrew can help manage your restaurant scheduling needs


Intuitive & Easy to Learn

Simple and intuitive software, designed to streamline your weekly scheduling task

Mobile & Cloud Access

Access your online restaurant schedules from anywhere, anytime

Connected Workforce

Stay connected with your staff at all times through a social platform

Save Time

Save time with your restaurant’s employee scheduling by import prior weeks’ schedule templates in one click

Special Event Scheduling

Special events for your restaurant can be scheduled for any day of the week

Track Labor Costs

Track your daily and weekly labor cost in real time while building your restaurant schedule

ShiftCrew is an online restaurant employee scheduling software with a simple and easy to use interface that has been specifically designed to eliminate many of the challenges associated with the task of restaurant scheduling.

The software’s schedule builder provides intuitive tools that centralize and streamline managers’ view of all the staff scheduling requirements. Saved weekly schedule templates allow for a highly efficient process for the creation and submission of staff schedules that mutually address the needs of the workplace and staff.

Shiftcew can help your staff


Real-time Shift Trade

Your staff can request trade shifts online and in real-time

Submit Availability

Requesting shift preferences and availability for management approval and scheduling

Easy to Learn

Intuitive and easy to learn software with minimal training required

Let’s get started

Create your restaurant’s weekly schedules in a few simple steps

Save Time Using Our Restaurant Scheduling Template

Our online scheduling template can get you started in a matter of minutes. Build your restaurant’s schedule directly onto a weekly calendar for each staff position. You can also upload your previous week’s template to avoid creating the schedule from scratch.

Track your daily staff cost in real-time

With every staff that you add to your weekly restaurant schedule, Shiftcew will automatically update your daily and weekly staff cost based on each employee’s hourly wage. You can also keep track of each staff’s daily/weekly scheduled hours to ensure an even distribution of shifts amongst your staff.

Schedule within your staff’s shift preference

With our online employee scheduling software, your staff can request their shift preferences on a centralized calendar. All your employee’s availabilities will be automatically updated on your schedule template. This can help you create the restaurant schedule while being mindful of your employee’s availabilities and shift preferences