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  • Intuitive Employee Scheduling Software
  • Social Networking Communication Platform
  • Cloud-Based Mobile Access

Streamline Your Scheduling with ShiftCrew


Simple & Intuitive

Simple tools and functionalities for quick execution of your scheduling tasks.

Mobile Integration

Create or view shifts or submit your availabilities on your smartphone.

Social Networks

Stay connected with your workplace’s colleagues, managers and staff.

Sports Showtimes

One-click access to daily showtimes for NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, UFC.

Event Schedules

Events for your workplace can be scheduled for any day of the week.

Job Tools

Post, or search for, job openings and connect with employers or job seekers.

Plan and Create Your Schedule in a Few Simple Steps

Review your staff’s availability

Staff submit availability requests directly into the schedule planner. So when you’re ready to plan your schedule, all your workforce availabilities are already in your calendar for you to review.

Import a saved schedule

You never have to start your schedule from scratch! Simply upload any previous schedule and with just a few tweaks, your schedule is ready to be shared with all the staff.

Share the schedule with one click

Ready to share the schedule? One click, and all your staff receive their schedule in their inbox. And if you need to make any revisions, simply make the changes and the staff will be notified of your latest updates.

Let’s get started

ShiftCrew Can Help Your Business Grow

Save Time, Increase Sales

Spend less time scheduling and more time increasing revenue! With our easy to use schedule builder, upload schedule templates with a click of a button and submit your schedule to all your staff in real-time.

Reduce Scheduling Headaches

Gone are the days of sifting through your email to find staff availability requests. With our shift-request functionality, all your staff availabilities are preloaded into your calendar when you are ready to build your schedule.

Access Anywhere, Anytime

With our cloud-based, mobile-enabled platform, access and build your schedules whenever and wherever you are! As long as you have internet access, you can log into your account and view or modify shifts on the go.

Enhanced Reliability

A staff missed a shift for not receiving or misreading their schedule? With ShiftCrew, your schedule is stored in a central calendar that is accessible to all your staff. So no one can miss another shift for not receiving their schedule.